Dana Labels is proud to be a local distributor of Novacart, the world’s largest producer of paper products for the baking and confectionery trade. Novacart products include baking molds, free standing paper baking molds (no molds necessary!), tulip cups, USA made baking cups, candy and pastry cups, paper ovenable muffin trays, gold trays and domes, cake boards and doilies. To learn more about the products we stock locally or to special order, please come by our showroom in Honolulu.

Baking Molds

Novacart’s paper baking molds are designed to be part of the packaging and eliminate metal baking pans. “Bake and Sell.” They are of a rigid freestanding construction and are available in a variety of shapes and sizes. Microwave and oven safe up to 390 degrees. Freezer safe as well. Our baking molds standard color is a dark brown paper background with an attractive gold floret print over lay.
Information Sheets
• Paper Ovenable Baking Molds
• Optima Ovenable Paper Baking Molds


Muffin Trays

Like Novacart’s Baking Molds, the Paper Ovenable Muffin Trays are designed to be part of the packaging and eliminate metal baking pans. The tray framework design has a brown background with a gold print overlay. Perforation between cups allows for portioning of one or more cups. (Note: NTS-1 does note have a perforated framework) The muffin cups are Swedish grease-resistant paper.
Information Sheet
• Paper Ovenable Muffin Tray (Features & Benefits)

Baking Cups

Novacart offers a large variety of baking cups: petal cups (red, brown, white, yellow), USA made cups (white, brown), tulip cups (red, white, yellow, brown), patterned cups, 1209 FL baking cups (free standing), 160 FL baking cups (brown), PBA Floret cups (free standing), PBA baking cups (white), PBA Oval baking cups and E110 Rectangular baking cups (yellow).
Information Sheets
• Pastry and Candy Cups
• USA Made Baking Cups
• Tulip Cups
• Optima Ovenable Paper Baking Molds (See section on Floret/Brioche Cups)

Cake Boards

Novacart offers a great variety of Cake Board Styles: Gold Round, Luna Gold and Gold Laminated Swirl Plates.
The Gold Round Cake Boards are made of solid cardboard, not corrugated. They are extremely rigid so they will not bend at the outer edges like corrugated boards do. They also feature a moisture-proof, high gloss, gold finish.
The Luna Gold are perfect for the baker that does not need the extra strength of the standard gold boards. These high gloss laminated gold circles are the answer to the bakery trying to trim costs while still offering the presentation that consumers are looking for in today’s marketplace.
The Gold Laminated Swirl Plates feature a unique embossed design which make these the perfect compliment to any dessert item.
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• Cake Boards


Not all doilies are created equal. Novacart White Paper Doilies last 3 to 4 times longer in a bakery showcase due to their high quality paper which is resistant to moisture and oils. Available in three elegant lace designs: Spring, Prestige and Europa.

Apollo Lace Doilies feature Novacart’s revolutionary design: doily and cake board combination. This lightweight cardboard doily with a moisture-proof gold polypropylene overlay will enhance the presentation of your cakes, pastries and cookies.
Information Sheet
• Apollo Doilies
• Doilies (White Paper)

Pastry Trays & Domes

Attractive appearance with added benefits!

Features include:
• Top coating is impermeable to oils and moisture.
• More economical than plastic or aluminum.
• Add a subtle elegance to the packaging of cookies and candies.
• Attractive and practical for meat and fruit trays.
• An economical and attractive way to upgrade pastry display cases.

Information Sheet
• Pastry Trays and Domes

* For more information on pricing and availability of stock items, please call (808-845-3262) or visit our showroom located at 1920 Colburn Street, Honolulu, Hawaii 96819. To shop from our online store, click here! Please note our online store carries only a small portion of the items we currently stock at our warehouse. For the best selection, it is better to visit our showroom.

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Founded in 1926, Novacart is the World’s largest producer of paper products for the baking and confectionery trade. From raw materials we produce over one millions items per day from a product range of baking molds, cups, cake pan liners, doilies, cake boards and trays. Novacart continues to be an innovative leader in the paper products industry. Our in house state of the art technical department allows us to take a project from conception to completion without being dependent on outside sources or contractors. During the last 10 years Novacart has registered 22 patents worldwide. Internationally we manufacture in accordance with BGvv, Haccp and FDA regulations. We are also ISO 9002 certified.


Novacart selects only raw material suppliers who respect the environment. In Scandinavia for instance where several of our most important sources of raw materials are located, forest management has actually shown a net future increase in trees available for harvest do to aggressive reforestation efforts. In any manufacturing process there is a certain amount of waste by product, all of our paper waste is transferred to a recycling facility. We are continually pursuing new innovations within out production facilities to minimize waste.