About Us

Dana Labels, Inc is a diversified, custom printing and design company which has specialized in label and decal production in Hawaii since 1970. We are the only locally owned and operated label manufacturer in Hawaii.

Our history

HanesFamilyPhoto478x695WebResWith a small tabletop printing machine in the garage of our home, my parents began their dream of starting their own successful business. My mom worked as a school teacher. My dad worked two jobs. Both worked hard to support our growing family and start a business. On his days off, my dad would print small, one-color labels and sell them to customers around town. As my mom continued to work as a school teacher, my dad slowly continued to build their dream, one press at a time.

In the early 70s, they opened our first shop in Kakaako. As the business grew, the shop moved to Waialae Avenue in Kaimuki. Many people still remember the “old” Waialae shop at the bottom of St. Louis Heights. I remember it as the place I rode my bike to afterschool. In 1990, we moved to our current location in Kalihi. Soon after, my dad retired. I have been proud to continue his tradition of working hard and providing the best service and products possible to our customers. We truly enjoy helping our small customers grow into successful businesses and our larger customers continue to grow and achieve new levels of success. We look forward to continuing to help our customers grow through new technology and unique ideas!

Craig Hanes