Garment Labels


Promote your brand with custom garment labels. They not only sell your products, they make customers remember you long after the sale.

Types of Garment Labels

Care Labels

  • Wording only, typically washing instructions
  • Minimum:  1000

Thermal Printed

  • White label (satin or nylon) with black printing only
  • Best with simple designs or wording
  • More economical, less durable than others
  • Minimum: 1000

Printed (Hot Stamp or Rotary)

  • Available Materials:  Cotton Twill Plain (Natural and White), Woven Edge Satin (Black and White), Nylon (Black and White) and Specialty Materials (Colored Ribbon, Tyvek, etc.)
  • Hot stamp printed labels provide a more crisp look on black label material but have fewer print color options.
  • Rotary printed labels are more durable and have more color options.
  • Minimum: 1000


  • Available in Satin, Damask, or Hi Def
  • Satin Labels – Most basic level of woven labels. Available base material (background) colors are black, white and red.  It is the least expensive woven label because the color options are more basic and designs are less defined.  Details can get lost.
  • Damask – Damask is the second highest level of woven labels.  More color options are available for the base material (background) colors.  Better with curved lines and details than Satin.
  • Hi Def – The best level of woven labels.  Color matching is available and the weave will hold details such as fine line and curves.
  • Design/Art:  Due to the difference in weaves. final art is needed to provide a more accurate quote.
  • Minimum: 1000

Production Time

  • Standard Production Time for Care, Thermal and Printed Garment Labels is approximately 10 to 12 business days after art approval.
  • Production time for Woven Garment Labels is approximately 2 months.

What information do I need to provide for a custom quote?

  • Size of the Label – Length x Width (in inches)
  • Type of Material – For example, white woven edge satin, nylon, etc.
  • Number of Print Colors – Up to six color printing
  • Art – Do you have print ready art or do you need help from our art department?
  • Quantity – Minimum quantity is 1000
  • Timeline:  Do you need this completed by a specific date?

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