Digital Labels


Our digital printing offers the flexibility of small quantities with professional quality.  Custom labels made to your specifications.

What is digital printing? What are the advantages?
Our digital press prints without printing plates. It applies combinations of four print-standard ink colors directly onto the label material to reproduce the colored letters, images and backgrounds of a label design (scroll to bottom of page for more information about color matching).  We use commercial grade label materials, adhesives and inks for a high quality, professional print. Printed labels are dried using ultra-violet light to increase durability and light-fastness. The result is a true professional-grade label but now available in smaller quantities (as little as 250).

What is the difference between the digital labels that Dana Labels prints and the ones that I print at home?
Our labels are printed on professional presses with professional grade materials, inks and adhesives. They will last longer (colors will stay brighter) and will adhere better than labels that are printed on a desktop printer. In addition, we are the only roll-to-roll label printer in Hawaii. Because we are able to die-cut (label shapes), it is easier for you to separate labels from their backing making it easier and faster to apply labels…saving you time and money on labor costs.

What information do I need to provide for a price quote?

  • Label Size – Length (left to right) x Width (top to bottom) in inches
  • Number of Colors in Art Design – Is your art print-ready or do you need help with design?
  • Knife cut (Square Edge) or Die cut (Please specify the shape:  rectangle, circle, oval, special)
  • Material (White Paper, Foil, Polyester, etc.)
  • Adhesive (Permanent, Removable or Freezer)
  • Special Finishes (UV Coating, Matte Coating, Lamination, Hot Stamp, Embossing, Consecutive Numbering, etc.)
  • Number of Designs (Versions)
  • Total Quantity (Please include quantities per design/version)
  • Timeline: Do you need this by a specific date?


Label-ade Digital Labels

Our Label-ade Digital Label Line makes designing your labels even easier.  Label-ade lets you choose a label shape and design and add your wording and/or logo. We offer several unique Hawaiian and elegant designs and six great shapes, and a selection of popular fonts and font colors. Your approved labels are printed and shipped in approximately 8 to 10 business days. There are no artist, die cut fabrication, or set-up charges.

  • Use Label-ade Labels to:
    Personalize and commemorate celebrations and events such as anniversaries, first birthdays, weddings, yakudoshi (special birthday years), and retirement parties. Apply to favors, invitations, gifts, center pieces, o-kaeshi (return gift giving). Use for name tags, childrens activities or events.
  • Market or brand your business, product or services, and provide contact and other information.
  • Get to market faster with quick Label-ade labels for product trials and launches.
  • Create a favorable impression and give visual credibility to fundraiser items and events.
  • Add a finished touch to your handmade gift or product.
  • Customize greetings and other messages on gifts and favors for special occasions and holidays.
  • Create your own adhesive label to identify, date, address, inform, promote, celebrate, personalize, direct, caution, organize, decorate, seal—for nearly any use.

Colors in Digital Printing
Our digital printing process uses print-industry cyan, magenta, yellow and black inks. This is called 4-color-process or cmyk printing. The four colors are combined in different amounts to reproduce multicolored art. A similar process is used to print color magazines. Keep in mind that even in the best premium magazines, colors of logos or other elements in advertisements or photos may not be totally true to life. Blues and oranges in particular may vary to different degrees. This is the same situation when printing labels on a digital press. Consequently, when color matching is very critical for your label, our conventional plate-driven label printing (rather than digital) may be the better solution.

If you have any additional questions, please email us at or call us at 808-845-3262.